Development roadmap and bug tracker

This page lists out the planned development tasks to improve ThreatMiner, as well as any known issues with the portal. Many of these items have been reported by ThreatMiner users and they are credited as contributors on this page. To report bugs or contribute ideas, please send a message to @threatminer on Twitter or email to[ a ]gmail{dot}com.

Last update: 2022-08-21

Date Issue Contributor Description Priority Progress
2019-03-05 Remove common IOC defang separators @michael_yip Remove common IOC defang separates such as brackets to allow users to copy and paste IOCs quickly for searches.
2018-05-28 Integrate data feed from APTNotes @michael_yip To integrate data feed from APTNotes to enable further data mining.
2018-05-28 Malicious URL feed @michael_yip To provide a feed of malicious URLs.
2017-10-11 Netblock pivoting @michael_yip Provide a page to display information on IP addresses within a given netblock.
2017-09-09 ThreatMiner Slack bot @bartblaze, @Seifreed Integrate ThreatMiner into Slack for auto IOC retrieval.
2017-06-26 Allow malicious URL reporting @techhelplist, @PeterConradie Allow users to report and submit malicious URL.
2016-11-02 Add links to PassiveTotal, Shodan and Censys @bartblaze Add links to PassiveTotal.
2016-11-02 Enable APTNotes search within a particular year @bartblaze Enable APTNotes search within a particular year.
2016-08-28 SSL certficiate search by common name @michael_yip User should be able to find certificates with same common name.
2016-08-04 APTnotes search bookmark @inigma117 User should be able to bookmark searches on APTNotes.
2016-08-03 Search by ssdeep @michael_yip Search samples by ssdeep
2016-06-29 Report tagging @michael_yip Report tagging and enable tag navigation
2016-05-17 Search by imphash @bartblaze Search samples by imphash
2016-03-25 Import ThreatMiner data to Alienvault OTX @beast_fighter @kbandla Import ThreatMiner data to Alienvault OTX
2016-03-25 Search redirects to homepage after x period of inactivity @NetSecNinja Search redirects to homepage after x period of inactivity. Possible session handling problem.
2016-03-06 Add OpenIOC and STIX export @TheDr1ver @asfakian Allow researchers to export indicators in OpenIOC and STIX format.
2016-03-06 Passive SSL @asfakian Allow researchers to pivot via passive SSL.
2016-03-05 Results filtering @swannysec Filter irrelevant results, particularly pDNS resolutions.
2016-03-05 Pivot path/history @asfakian To show user the pivot path they've taken to arrive at the current indicator.
2016-03-03 XSS Vulnerability @TheDr1ver Various cross-site scripting vulnerabilities. Improve input sanitisation.
2016-03-01 Maltego transforms @bobmcardle Provide Maltego transforms to enable data enrichment and pivoting from Maltego.
2016-03-01 API @michael_yip Automate access to database.
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