ThreatMiner API

This API enables users to create automated solutions to query against ThreatMiner's database.

If you encounter any problems with any of the following features, please email [{a}] or send a direct message to @threatminer.


By default, the ThreatMiner API returns results in JSON format. There are three key attributes in each result:

  • status_code - 200 if results are found, 404 if not.
  • status_message - text explanation of the status_code.
  • results - this is where the results are returned and the exact JSON structure returned differs per query type.
Below is an example of the return results of a query on a given domain:

API Calls

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please note that the rate limit is set to 10 queries per minute.

Indicator type Example Query URI Flags and Results Note
Domain N/A
Samples N/A
Import hash (imphash) N/A
SSDeep N/A
Email (Reverse WHOIS) N/A
AV Detection N/A
APTNotes to IOCs N/A
Search APTNotes
Flag Query Type Example Query URI
rt=1 Full text search reports
rt=2 Get reports by year
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